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Meet elder – also referred to as Sambucus – a plant that’s trending upward within the holistic well being group.

Minerals play a task in each single a part of our physique, together with regulating our heartbeat, carrying oxygen, and constructing sturdy bones and tooth.

With all of the hype on the earth of health dietary supplements, it comes as no shock that the #1 query we obtain from our clients is just: “Does it work?”


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Undecided the place to start out with immune well being?

Then it is a excellent place to start.
This content material is meant as basic info. We encourage you to discover the total Puritan’s Pleasure’s® Immune Well being choices for product-specific advantages.

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Vitamin C for Immune Well being


The physique’s first line of protection, the bodily barrier created by the pores and skin, depends on vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for the manufacturing of collagen, an vital sort of connective tissue.** Collagen creates the structural framework of the pores and skin to advertise pores and skin integrity, serving to to successfully maintain undesirable substances from getting into the physique.


Vitamin C’s vital position in immune well being doesn’t cease on the floor.** In the course of the preliminary phases of the immune response, white blood cells of the innate immune system begin the inflammatory response as one technique of coping with unwelcomed guests. In a state of irritation, an abundance of free radicals could be produced.

Free radicals are unstable compounds that may intervene with a standard cell’s means to operate optimally. Free radicals can’t differentiate between your individual wholesome cells and the goal of your immune system to allow them to find yourself damaging your individual cells. Vitamin C is a robust antioxidant that helps to battle free radicals.** It additionally helps to regenerate different antioxidants like vitamin E to their lively state to keep up antioxidant assist.**

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Along with supporting pores and skin integrity and antioxidant well being, vitamin C is important for the optimum functioning of white blood cells.** Throughout an immune response, white blood cells undergo a strategy of speedy division and multiplication. Vitamin C helps the manufacturing of the vital B and T cells of the adaptive immune response.** It additionally helps particular forms of cells of the innate immune system known as phagocytes do their job, engulfing undesirable compounds.**


Why Complement with Vitamin C? – “puritans pride vitamin c”

The Advisable Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adults is between 75-90 mg per day relying on gender, however some specialists advocate a day by day consumption of at the very least 200 mg/day for wholesome people.9

In contrast to most different animals, people can’t synthesize their very own vitamin C so it have to be obtained from dietary sources. As a water soluble vitamin, vitamin C dissolves simply in water however can’t be readily retailer within the physique. This implies sufficient quantities of vitamin C needs to be consumed daily.

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Vitamin C is present in meals reminiscent of citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupes, uncooked greens and potatoes. Sadly, in immediately’s busy world, many people don’t devour as many vegetables and fruit as we should always. Nationwide survey information signifies People usually are not assembly the suggestions for day by day fruit and vegetable consumption, leading to a big prevalence of about 40% of People with insufficient dietary consumption of vitamin C.8 Moreover, vitamin C is delicate to warmth so boiling and different cooking strategies can deplete the pure vitamin C content material of meals.

Each day consumption of 200 mg helps respiratory well being.** Be aware that whereas this quantity supplies sufficient assist for many wholesome people, actively multiplying and dividing white blood cells might have even increased necessities of vitamin C.**


4 Principal Features of the Immune System


Your First Line of Protection: Innate Immune System


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