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Recommended Dose B12 Vitamins Daily

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Why Do People Take Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 has been looked at as a treatment for many diseases and conditions. These include fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, breast cancer, high cholesterol, and sickle cell disease. Vitamin B-12 supplements do help people who have a deficiency.
Vitamin B-12 is also more common in those with certain conditions, like digestive problems and some types of anemia. There is some conflicting evidence about using vitamin B-12 to treat elevated levels of homocysteine in the blood. A high level of homocysteine in the blood is a risk factor for coronary, cerebral, and peripheral blood vessel disease.
However, recent guidelines do not recommend general screening for or treating elevated homocysteine levels unless there is suspicion of homocystinuria. That’s a genetic condition that affects the body’s ability to break down certain proteins. Instead of trying to treat yourself for elevated levels of homocysteine, it is important that you talk with your doctor about your concerns.
A recent study showed that vitamin B-12, used with folic acid and vitamin B6, reduces the risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in women with heart disease or multiple risk factors for heart diseas.

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How Much Vitamin B-12 Is Too Much?

This is because people usually tolerate vitamin B-12 well with no unwanted side effects. According to an article in the journal American Family Physician, researchers have found that supplements containing as much as 1,000 times the recommended daily allowance (RDA) are safe.
The body does not absorb vitamin B-12 well.

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