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Natalie Mouradian

This health supplement comes with a see-through look to bring new meaning to transparency within packaging in a literal and figurative sense. The clear capsule and beadlet-in-oil formulation allow users to see exactly what’s inside the supplement. The clear capsule is a vegan, delayed-release model that delivers nutrients once the supplement has exited the stomach, so it won’t cause nausea like other multis.”

“Ritual’s clear PET bottle–another reflection of the brand’s transparent DNA–allows the pills themselves to take center stage.
The simple, sleek, and 100% recyclable container is made in the USA and accented only with subtle white screen-printing so that the capsules within remain the main focus. The exterior of Ritual’s 100% recyclable shipper states “The future of vitamins is clear,” yet another reference to the brand’s commitment to transparency. The modern, less-is-more shipper design mimics the capsule’s streamlined and minimal formulation.
Once opened, the box reveals an uplifting yellow interior that welcomes the consumer to her new daily ritual–a sunny step forward toward better health. Made with water-based inks and soft-touch coating to maintain recyclability and sustainability, this welcoming introduction to the brand sets the tone for a user experience focused on simplicity, transparency, and glowing health.”

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Company: RitualDesigned By: Michelle MattarPhotographer: Stephanie GonotPrinter: Acorn Paper ProductsLocation: Los Angeles, Californ.

Ritual Is

Their debut product—an essential daily vitamin—boasts completely traceable and transparent ingredients so you know exactly what you’re swallowing.
My Role

I first met founder Kat Schneider while I was a consultant in New York. She was looking for soup-to-nuts creative vision and execution for the brand identity, website, packaging and art direction. As Ritual grew, I joined in as Creative Director in Los Angeles and led all creative fronts to help scale the company and fortify the brand and customer journey.
I’m continuing to build Ritual today as consultant on high-level initiatives and campaigns. Photographed by Stephanie Gonot and Kathryna Hancoc.

Keeping It Real With Ritual

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that multivitamins and supplements have gained quite the popularity.
Justified popularity. Whether it comes in the form of tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, drinks, or energy bars, supplements aim to help fill gaps in the diet. However, with an overabundance of brands and options out there, picking a supplement that is best suited for you while avoiding the ones with shady additives can be a difficult task.
As you all know by now, I’m a huge fan of Ritual’s Essential for Women multivitamins. As consumers, we deserve to know what we are putting in our bodies and why. So, here are the following ways that Ritual continues to keep it real with us.
For example, Omega 3-DHA is from microalgae found in Saskatoon, Canada. Essentially, it means what you see on the label is what is actually in the capsules. So, no matter what kind of dietary restrictions you have, Ritual can most likely make a way into your everyday routine.
I know it can be hard to maintain routines, but I genuinely look forward to taking my two daily capsules of Ritual’s Essential for Women 18+ every morning.

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