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Ritual Vitamins Scam

This subject along with many others are quite common.

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O nice to have all the vitamins I need in their capsules. So much easier to travel without having to pack four different bottles of vitamins. People hate on the seaweed taste bu….

Ritual: The Pros And Cons

What’S In Ritual Vitamins? What Makes Them Special?

Ritual is a subscription service that ships vitamins across the United States.I ordered the Ritual Essential for Women 18+. I’ve been taking Ritual for almost a month now to thoroughly write this post. I swapped out daily generic vitamins from Target to try Rituals.
I actually take prenatal vitamins, even though I’m not trying to get pregnant (bless up IUD). And 9 total ingredients that the company deems to be essential women ages 18-49 to take for bone health, brain health, blood-building and antioxidant support. They are:

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Omega-3 DHA

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D


Vitamin K2


Vitamin E


There are other Ritual products but I am highlighting their Women’s Vitamins here.
To skip right to the chase: I personally probably won’t be purchasing Ritual supplements again and honestly, you probably will be just fine with regular generic vitamins from your drugstore that’s a fraction of the price. Unless you fall into a few certain categories.

Business & Economy: Latest Updates

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website pushes pills and liquids in the name of holistic wellness.
In this crowded field, the start-up Ritual, which sells its own line of multivitamins for women, has tried to stand out by focusing on facts. Recently, Ritual introduced a campaign emphasizing its focus on science over gimmicky wellness trends, pitching journalists on its “pioneering message to differentiate between the myths and facts in the space.”

Yet a closer look at Ritual’s marketing showed that the Los Angeles company, which has raised $16.5 million in funding, has not always helped customers separate facts from spin. The articles about Ritual in those publications did not describe such benefits.
Katerina Schneider, Ritual’s chief executive, said that wasn’t the implication.

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