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Why Is Essential For Men 50+ A Great Value?

At Ritual, we put quality and efficacy above all. The Omega-3s alone would set you back $25. While many people feel a difference, some don’t—and that’s okay.
It’s what’s happening inside that counts. All in all, it can take 3-4 months for your body to reach a new equilibriu.

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We noticed gaps between what was known and what was missing or imbalanced in many products available.”

The result, of course, was.

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Essential For Women 50+

—a multivitamin with eight nutrients designed to help fill nutrient gaps of postmenopausal women and support healthy aging from within. So many of the women over 50 we’ve spoken to feel more amazing than ever, and we wanted to create something that would help support you as you take life on. That’s important for women of all ages.
“We always wanted to give women over 50 the same attention as we gave women 18-50 years,” says Dr. Luke. “Needs change with age, which means that we required a different formula.”

Let’s get into some specifics. “Fact: Nutrient shortfalls affect a considerable number of women over 50,” notes Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, PhD, RD, and Ritual’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs.
“We carefully assessed the dietary intake of women over 50+, included key nutrients that were most under-consumed and left out nutrients they were typically getting enough or more than enough from their diet.”.

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Meet Essential For Men Multivitamin


The truth is, we all need a balance of micronutrients and macronutrients to support nutrient needs. Protein is one especially important callout: It’s estimated that, from the age of 50 onwards, older adults may lose between 0.5%-2% of their total muscle mass each year.
The good news is that we have more sway over this than we might think: Combining physical activity with appropriate nutrition—including adequate protein intake—is considered to be an important way to support the maintenance of muscle mass in older age. That’s why we created Essential Protein Daily Shake 50+, our plant-based protein with calcium HMB to support the maintenance of lean muscle mass for healthy, active aging. As always, if you have questions about nutrition, supplementation, or men’s health in general, we recommend reaching out to a trusted healthcare provider.

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