Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

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Msd Manual

Itamin B6 deficiency can cause inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) and a red, greasy, scaly rash. The hands and feet may feel numb and prickling—like pins and needles. People may become confused, irritable, and depressed.
They may have seizure.

1. Skin Rashes

Even though it was discovered in 1932, scientists are still learning new things about it. Most people get enough B6 in their diet, but if you are deficient in other B complex vitamins, such as folate and B12, you’re more likely to be deficient in vitamin B6 as well Vitamin B6 deficiency is more common in people with liver, kidney, digestive or autoimmune diseases, as well as smokers, obese people, alcoholics and pregnant women In your body, B6 is involved in more than 150 enzyme reactions. These help your body process the protein, carbs and fat you eat.
This means that it may play a role in helping prevent chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer

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Who Is At Risk?

Certain groups, such as older adults and pregnant women, are more at risk for vitamin B deficiencies. Certain conditions, such as Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, HIV, and alcohol use disorder can prevent the body from absorbing B vitamins effectively, increasing the risk for deficiencies.
To treat a B vitamin deficiency, your doctor will likely recommend that you take supplements or increase your intake of certain foods that contain the target vitamin.

Merck Manual

Secondary deficiency may result from various conditions. Impaired metabolism (dependency) is rare; it causes various symptoms, including seizures, intellectual disability, and anemia.

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