Vitamin B6 Levels Too High

In this article we will be discussing a very common question: vitamin b6 levels too high. It’s quite a sensitive & complex subject, as such we will do our best at providing a clear and concise article to clear any doubts you may have.

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When you exceed the UL, you start increasing your chances of side effects Since supplements are required to provide at least 100% of their listed amounts of ingredients at the time you purchase them and, if properly maintained, until a listed expiration date, it is customary and acceptable for companies to put in a bit more (an “overage”) than the listed amount of an ingredient to compensate for normal degradation. In fact, according the USP, up to 50% more is permitted for B vitamins.So, yes, it is possible that your multivitamin provided more than the daily upper limit of vitamin B6 — putting you at some risk of toxicity with long-term use.
Be aware that energy drinks may include large amounts of vitamin B6 and have been implicated in cases of vitamin B6 toxicity.Be aware that Europe uses a more conservative daily upper limit (25 mg) than in the U.S., so even your “75 mg” B6 supplement would exceed the limit in Europe.Unless you have been diagnosed with a deficiency in vitamin B6 , there is no good reason to take more than 2 mg of B6 per day and certainly no more than 25 mg.For more about vitamin B6 see the B Vitamin Supplements Review.

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person is deficient in other B complex vitamins, such as folate and B12, they’re more likely to be deficient in vitamin B6 as well. In the body, B6 is involved in more than 150 enzyme reactions.
B6 is closely linked with the functions of the nervous and immune system. More recently, it’s been found that B6 has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which means the vitamin may play a role in helping prevent chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer. Read MORE: Heart attack: Follow this diet to significantly reduce your risk according to latest stu.

What Does It Mean If Your Vitamin B6 Result Is Too Low?

Many of these are related to amino acid synthesis, fatty acid metabolism and hemoglobin synthesis. Without enough hemoglobin from a vitamin B6 deficiency, the body’s ability to transport oxygen is decreased and anemia results. The vitamin is also important for the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine.
A vitamin B6 blood test helps determine whether or not someone is deficient in the vitamin, or has high levels. It can give the doctor clues about anemia, heart disease, lack of energy and skin problems. Normal Ranges for Vitamin B6 in mcg/L:

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Adults: 5-50 mcg/L

Critical Range: <5 or >50 mcg/L


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