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What Is Pyridoxine?

Vitamins occur naturally in foods such as meat, poultry, nuts, whole grains, bananas, and avocados.

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N Israel as a supplement and is available over-the-counter (OTC) without regulation. High intake of this vitamin is found in patients with premenstrual syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy associated nausea and vomiting, decreasing homocysteine levels and improving cognitive function.
In this review we will outline vitamin B6 function, daily recommended intake, deficiency signs and patients in deficiency risk, and the clinical spectrum of vitamin B6 intoxicatio.

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Background: Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) toxicity is a known cause of neuropathy. Vitamin B6 is a co-factor involved in over one hundred enzymatic reactions.
We created a chart with 100 multivitamins and stated the milligrams (mg) and the percent daily value (%DV) of vitamin B6 in each supplement. Results: In the general women’s category, 59% of supplements contained vitamin B6 doses above the NIH recommendations. In the women’s 50+ category, 75% of supplements contained vitamin B6 doses above the NIH recommendations.
Awareness of excess vitamin B6 consumption should be raised both for physicians and the general public. Disclosure: Dr. Achari has received personal compensation in the range of $10,000-$49,999 for serving as an Expert Witness for McKinney-Taylor. Miss Mohammed has nothing to disclos.

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