Vitamin B6 Overload

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O por vitamina B6 é rara, mas pode resultar de ingestão de doses elevadas de suplementos de vitamina B6. Tomar doses muito elevadas de vitamina B6 pode danificar os nervos (um quadro clínico denominado neuropatia Polineuropatia A polineuropatia é a disfunção simultânea de vários nervos periféricos por todo o organismo. As pessoas podem não conseguir dizer onde estão seus braços e pernas (senso de posição) e de sentir vibrações.

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If your multi contains 2,000% of the Daily Value (DV), which is 2 mg for adults, then your multi has 40 mg of B-6. Furthermore, there does not seem to be solid evidence to support getting such a large amount of B-6 if you are not deficient in it. The mega doses of vitamins found in some daily multis may be driven more by marketing considerations than science.One clinical study found that 25 mg of B-6 taken daily as part of a B-complex vitamin was shown to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and death in diabetes patients with advance kidney disease.Also, be aware that people taking certain medications may need to limit their intake of B-6 from supplements.Get more information, including the Recommended Daily Allowances and Upper Limits for B-6 (by age and gender), potential side-effects and drug interactions, plus ConsumerLab’s tests and comparisons of popular supplements, in the B Vitamin Supplements Review >> You can check the recommended intakes of other vitamins and minerals he.

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When you exceed the UL, you start increasing your chances of side effects Since supplements are required to provide at least 100% of their listed amounts of ingredients at the time you purchase them and, if properly maintained, until a listed expiration date, it is customary and acceptable for companies to put in a bit more (an “overage”) than the listed amount of an ingredient to compensate for normal degradation. In fact, according the USP, up to 50% more is permitted for B vitamins.So, yes, it is possible that your multivitamin provided more than the daily upper limit of vitamin B6 — putting you at some risk of toxicity with long-term use. This is because your supplement provided an amount of B6 close to the upper limit (and much more than normally needed) and there is an allowable manufacturing overage, as noted above.
However, side effects have generally been reported with daily intakes above 200 mg and, more typically, above 1,000 mg, so, although possible, it would be unusual for the B6 in your supplement alone (if properly made) to cause the side effects you reported. Be aware that energy drinks may include large amounts of vitamin B6 and have been implicated in cases of vitamin B6 toxicity.Be aware that Europe uses a more conservative daily upper limit (25 mg) than in the U.S., so even your “75 mg” B6 supplement would exceed the limit in Europe.Unless you have been diagnosed with a deficiency in vitamin B6 , there is no good reason to take more than 2 mg of B6 per day and certainly no more than 25 mg.For more about vitamin B6 see the B Vitamin Supplements Review.

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Fat-Soluble Vs. Water-Soluble Vitamins

However, taking megadoses of some water-soluble vitamins can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.
There are four fat-soluble vitamins: Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K Given that fat-soluble vitamins can accumulate in the body, these nutrients are more likely to lead to toxicity than water-soluble vitamins. Upper intake levels are set to indicate the maximum dose of a nutrient that’s unlikely to cause harm for nearly all people in a general population

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