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Vitamin C And P


This theory led us to carry out two series of experiments. The first showed that various substances capable of raising the mean capillary resistance of a group of guinea pigs decrease in vitro oxidation of l-ascorbic acid2. The tests used were the mean capillary resistance of a group of guinea pigs and the histological picture of the thyroid gland and of the cortico-adrenal gland.

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* The work reported here formed part of a study of vitamin deficiencies carried out during the tenure of a Beit Memorial Fellowship in .

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Origin Of This Study

The original motivation for this study came from the recent proof of the existence of invalid/improbable/interfering metabolic panaceas (IMPS) (1) as over-studied natural products that have an implausible plethora of reported biological activities, making them panaceas—in theory.
At the same time IMPS are very commonly found in plant-derived food products, implying that IMPS play potential roles in human nutrition. Following the premise that unrecognized life-essential biological functions of molecules may potentially blur their experimentally observable in vivo and in vitro effects, we sought to unravel the link between flavonoids and Vitamin P (VitP). The commonly used synonym, “bioflavonoids,” already hints at the potentially blurred scientific standing of VitP.
In contrast, flavonoids are well-defined phytochemicals that are nearly ubiquitous in plants and likely represent the most well-studied class of plant constituents. Interestingly, yet not surprisingly, flavonoids comprise the by far largest group in the top-38 known IMPS (1).

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