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It is nonetheless vital to get assist from a GP in the event you want it. To contact your GP surgical procedure:

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Causes of scurvy

Scurvy is brought on by not having sufficient vitamin C in your food plan for not less than 3 months. Vitamin C is principally present in fruit and greens.

Even individuals who don’t eat very healthily on a regular basis are usually not often thought of liable to scurvy.


Issues that improve your danger of scurvy

Though scurvy is uncommon, you might be extra in danger in the event you:

Infants, youngsters and older individuals who discover it arduous to have a nutritious diet might also be extra liable to scurvy.

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Treating scurvy

It is vital that scurvy is handled. Scurvy is well handled by including some vitamin C to your food plan similar to contemporary fruit and greens.

A GP might also suggest taking vitamin C dietary supplements (additionally known as ascorbic acid) till you are feeling higher.

Most individuals handled for scurvy really feel higher inside 48 hours and make a full restoration inside 2 weeks.

The GP could refer you to a specialist for therapy, assist or recommendation. This is determined by what’s inflicting your scurvy.


How you can stop a vitamin C deficiency

The very best sources of vitamin C are fruit and greens.

One of the simplest ways to get sufficient nutritional vitamins and minerals is to eat a wholesome, balanced food plan.

It is vital to talk to a GP or midwife earlier than taking any dietary supplements or making adjustments to your food plan throughout being pregnant


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