Vitamin C Foods In India

Why Vitamin C Matter?

Oned as ascorbic acid as the C in it is for ascorbic acid which means anti-scurvy. Hence, it is mandatory to take a sufficient quantity of Vitamin C enriched foods to acquire the regular dose of it i.e. For a single day, women need 75 mg while a man needs 90mg of it.
Some of the benefits of Vitamin C are:

1. It helps to heal the common cold. It is good for the eyes


What Happens When Your Body Lacks Vitamin C?

So, consuming adequate food that contains vitamin C is necessary. Some Vitamin C foods in India:

Green chili:

Of course, you can’t take it directly as it will burn your mouth but adding just one green chili into your meal or salad can provide you with 109milligram of it. Yellow bell pepper:

It is rightly known for the highest vegetable containing vitamin C as one of it comprises 341milligarms of it.

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Parsley not only adds delicious flavors to your dish but it is also quite healthy as it helps in boosting immunity. Kiwi:

Kiwi is a great option for vitamin C fruit in India. It is very tasty and quite nutritious that is filled with vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and calcium.

Orange is a part of the citrus family with a high amount of it. Lime and lemons:

They too are from the citrus family and are enriched with it. It’s good news for the one who loves pineapple.
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Top 5 Vitamin C Products In India:

They are manufactured in Scotland and provides the best quality of ascorbic acid that is needed from tissue and enzyme growth in the body. These are suitable for vegetarians and features quality vitamin C. These capsules also help in neutralizing oxidative stress.
These tablets supply the body with the essential Vitamin C to repair cells and also protect the body against oxidation. They are recommended for people with the low immune system and have proven effective in fighting against many diseases like flu and infections. They are recommended for fighting against infections and boosting the immune system.
They are manufactured in Canada and are known for the best antioxidant protection. These tablets are rated good among users and are available in the Indian market. These dietary supplements have a potency of 500 mg of Vitamin C and contain polyphenols.
They are very suitable for vegetarians and are recommended for boosting the immune system. Too much Vitamin C can cause headache, dizziness, heartburn, cramps. You can also feel redness and warmth of skin.
Vitamin C rich foods are generally safe to be consumed and unless you are allergic to the food, they do not cause major side effects. It is also recommended that one must start their day with a glass of lime water to get your daily dose of vitamin C. Also, studies prove that people who consume Vitamin C rich foods every day are very less likely to fall prey to infections such as flu, fever etc. These foods also promote healthy-looking skin that stays young for long.

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1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are among the highest sources of Vitamin C, for vegetarians. Bell peppers are highly nutritious, have numerous health benefits and are also definite taste enhancers in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They have a lot of pro-heart benefits and have also been known to prevent cataracts, blood clot formation in the veins, which in turn reduces the risk of heart strokes and diseases.
One half cup of raw red bell peppers packs as much as 140 mg of Vitamin C. However, make sure you don’t overcook the vegetables as many essential nutrients might get destroyed in the process.

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Cooking losses may be lowered by steaming or microwaving. An adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables in raw form, which corresponds to 5 or more servings of different fruits and vegetables a day, usually supplies all the vitamin C that is needed.

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