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Our our bodies want nutritional vitamins to develop and develop usually. Nutritional vitamins present vitality and play a job in lots of essential processes that assist us keep wholesome. They naturally happen in lots of several types of meals.1-5

The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests quantities of nutritional vitamins we’d like every day to gasoline our our bodies. That is referred to as our beneficial dietary allowance (RDA). Though there may be far more to study, some analysis suggests nutritional vitamins might play a job in migraine growth or prevention.1-5


Forms of nutritional vitamins

Examples of a number of nutritional vitamins which will assist with migraine embrace:1-5

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Nutritional vitamins and migraine analysis

Analysis on nutritional vitamins and their reference to migraine is ongoing. Some consultants counsel that sure nutritional vitamins might cut back irritation and result in fewer migraine assaults. Others suppose nutritional vitamins might play a job in treating an lively migraine. Since many nutritional vitamins are concerned in making neurotransmitters, some consultants suppose they could cut back ache indicators.1,6-9


Methods to get nutritional vitamins into your food plan

Consuming a various food plan will almost certainly present lots of the nutritional vitamins an individual wants. Good sources of many alternative nutritional vitamins embrace:1-5

This isn’t a whole checklist of all meals that comprise nutritional vitamins. In lots of circumstances, meals in the US are fortified. This implies meals that usually don’t comprise nutritional vitamins have nutritional vitamins added. Cereals, grains, and milk are generally fortified meals.1-5


Uncomfortable side effects of nutritional vitamins

A lot of the negative effects of nutritional vitamins come from having an excessive amount of or too little of them. Some nutritional vitamins are water-soluble. This implies they don’t seem to be saved and are faraway from the physique shortly by way of our urine. Others are fat-soluble, together with nutritional vitamins D and E. These could be saved up and attain excessive ranges within the physique.1-5

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Who shouldn’t take nutritional vitamins? – “vitamin c headache”

Most individuals profit from consuming a food plan that accommodates many nutritional vitamins. Nevertheless, some nutritional vitamins, particularly when taken as dietary supplements, can intrude with prescribed drugs. Telling your physician about any nutritional vitamins or dietary supplements you’re taking earlier than beginning a brand new drug may help decide if they’re protected for you. Earlier than taking nutritional vitamins, inform your physician about all of your well being situations.

Don’t take nutritional vitamins if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding with out speaking to your physician first.


Issues to learn about nutritional vitamins

Earlier than taking nutritional vitamins for migraine, inform your physician about all of your well being situations and another medication, nutritional vitamins, or dietary supplements you’re taking. This consists of over-the-counter medication. Nutritional vitamins could also be “natural,” however they will have an effect on your well being and work together with different medication you’re taking.

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