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what are good vitamin c


Fish Oil

You could burn barely much less fats than you’ll in any other case, however within the grand scheme of issues, just a few grams of fish oil received’t break the quick.


Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is fish oil with additional vitamin D and vitamin A. So long as you retain the doses low sufficient, cod liver oil received’t break the quick.



For those who’re nonetheless not on board, be aware that within the older research with actually chubby individuals who fasted for upwards of a yr straight, they normally supplemented with a multivitamin.


Meals-Primarily based Multivitamin

A preferred one I’ve seen round—Alive, created from kale and raspberries—has simply 2 grams of carbs per dosing. It’s not very best, nevertheless it’s not a deal breaker—or a fast-breaker.

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Gummy Nutritional vitamins – “what are good vitamin c”

Gummy nutritional vitamins break the quick.



Potassium doesn’t break the quick.



Creatine doesn’t break the quick.


“what are good vitamin c”

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