What Does A Lack Of Vitamin K Cause

What Is Vitamin K?

The intestine also creates some of this vitamin. When it does, it is known as vitamin K deficiency bleeding or VKDB.

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Vitamin K deficiency causes hemorrhagic disease of the newborn Blood loss Anemia is a reduction in red cell mass or hemoglobin and is usually defined as hemoglobin or hematocrit > 2 standard deviations below the mean for age.
In affected neonates, birth trauma can cause intracranial hemorrhage. A late form of this disease can occur in infants about 2 to 12 weeks old, typically in infants who are breastfed and are not given vitamin K supplements.

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It can also make bones weaker, and increase a person’s chances of breaking them.

Why Is Vitamin K Important?

It is also important for healthy bones. Adults usually have enough vitamin K because the normal bacteria in the gut produce it. It will be more difficult to stop bleeding after an injury or surgery.
It can also make periods heavier.

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What Causes Vitamin K Deficiency?

Some pathology services and hospitals measure vitamin K levels directly. Next, you have an injection of vitamin K and your clotting is checked again. Vitamin K deficiency treatment

If you do not have enough vitamin K, you’ll be asked to eat more of the foods listed above.
Your doctor might also prescribe vitamin K supplements. But don’t take them without talking to your doctor first since they can interfere with some other medicines. When to seek help

You should see your doctor if:.

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