What Does Liposomal Mean In Vitamins

What Are Liposomes?

Liposomes are microscopic fat-soluble vesicles derived from lipids.

What The Science Says

Instead, the vitamins are encapsulated in pockets of fat cells called liposomes (hence the name). “Because it is made of the same material that cell membranes—or the skin of cells—are made of, they are absorbed better as they bond to these membranes first, facilitating delivery of nutrients.”.
One found that the delivery system made vitamin C circulate in higher concentrations in the body when compared to an unencapulated vitamin C supplement. Another study, published this summer, reached the same conclusions. An article published in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal stated that liposomal vitamins increased intracellular delivery and had a high bioavailability and absorption compared with other oral forms of supplements.

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What Using Liposomal Vitamins Is Really Like

Since most of the scientific research on liposomal vitamins seems to focus on vitamin C, I decided to experiment with LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C supplements ($40). Then, I called LiveOn Labs’ executive director, Kaili Carpenter, for more insight. “You’ll notice we have a very limited product line.
That’s because we only want to encapsulate vitamins that’s difficult for your body to absorb,” she says. The benefits of vitamin C, of course, are generally the same whether regardless of how you’re eating it. The antioxidant supports a healthy immune system, boosts collagen production (which helps repair skin and muscles), plays a role in protein production, and fights off free radical damage in the body.
However, encapsulating the vitamin in liposomes may ensure a faster, more effective delivery—helping your body reap more of the benefits more quickly. Carpenter says I could mix the gooey supplement into any liquid—like my coffee or a smoothie—but for my first try, I decided to just gulp it down quickly mixed in a little shot of water. It was so glittery and pretty.
This was definitely the most exciting vitamin I’ve taken since my Flintstone days. No wonder Carpenter had suggested I mix it in my coffee. My sensitive stomach tolerated it just fine.
And it certainly didn’t prevent a head cold I came down with a week into taking it, which had me in bed, sniffling and sneezing up a storm for two days.

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But Taking A Liposomal Vitamin For The Sake Of Taking A Liposomal Vitamin?

Eh, I don’t know. You could spend that money on something else science has proven to work: oranges.

About Vitamin C Supplements

The majority of Vitamin C products are either desiccated tablets or effervescent products.

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