What Does Liposomal Vitamin C Mean

Everything You Need To Know About Liposomal Vitamin C

You’re sure to know about the benefits and importance of vitamin C for your health. From helping with wound healing, to boosting the immune system – there are a number of different bodily functions for which vitamin C is essential for. However, not many people are familiar with liposomal vitamin C and how it differs from traditional vitamin C supplements.

So What Exactly Is Liposomal Vitamin C And What Are The Benefits?

Why Do We Need Vitamin C?

When it comes to liposomal vitamin C, that’s where things start to get a little bit scientific. Liposomal Vitamin C Benefits

Now we’ve discussed a little bit about what liposomal vitamin C is, you might be wondering why it’s more beneficial than regular vitamin C supplements. When encased in a liposome, vitamin C has been scientifically proven to deliver more of the vitamin into the body compared to traditional vitamin C supplements, which means you can reap more of the health benefits we mentioned earlier.
This is because liposomal vitamin C is more bioavailable than other supplementation methods. As vitamin C is water-soluble, it has very poor bioavailability, as a lot of it oxidises before it reaches the cells. If you’re looking for an effective supplementation method, then liposomal vitamin C, which can be found in our Raw Vitamin C & D3 shots, should certainly be your first choice.

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Benefits Of Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin C essentially has the same benefits of standard vitamin C, you’re just more likely to notice the results due to its higher absorption ability. * Collagen is essential for cellular integrity, helping to keep out pathogens and toxins from the cytoplasm and the cell nucleus, where they can cause real damage. It’s also what helps skin retain its smoothness, bounce, and elasticity.
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Heart health*

Vitamin C is our most essential antioxidant, protecting nutrient molecules like proteins and lipids from oxidative stress and damage. It has also been linked in some studies to improvements in arterial stiffness, lipid profiles and endothelial function.
Research shows that vitamin C reduced the number of common colds by half in physically active people.

About Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C supplements are the most commonly used supplement in the UK. The majority of Vitamin C products are either desiccated tablets or effervescent products.
While these products generally contain 1g of Vitamin C, the body only absorbs about 7-8% of the total amount. This means that for every gram of Vitamin C that is ingested, only 70-80mg is absorbed, and plasma Vitamin C levels stay relatively low.

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