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What Is The Relationship Between Vitamins And Coenzymes


How Are Vitamins Related To Coenzymes?

Coenzymes are organic molecules required by some enzymes for activity. A cofactor can be either a coenzyme or an inorganic ion. Exercises Identify each vitamin as water soluble or fat soluble.

Niacin Cholecalciferol Biotin What Vitamin Is Needed To Form Each Coenzyme?

Pyridoxal Phosphate Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Coenzyme A Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide What Coenzyme Is Formed From Each Vitamin?

vitamin K pyridoxal phosphate tetrahydrofolate.


Vitamins that serve as precursors of coenzymes are principally the B vitamins. Within the cells, most members of the group of B vitamins are converted into coenzyme forms which are required for the activity of specific enzymes.
Such a coenzyme may be attached by ionic, coordinate covalent, or, in some cases, covalent bonding to an apoenzyme to provide an enzyme (holoenzyme) catalyzing a specific reaction.

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