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Will Biotin Affect My Laser Hair Removal

What medications interfere with laser hair removal? Summary. In the vast majority of cases, Laser Hair Removal will not be affected by medication. Most common medications – such as cold and flu medications, antibiotics and mood regulators – do not evoke negative side effects from Laser Hair Removal.

Does Biotin cause hair growth after laser hair removal? If you take hair, skin, and nail supplements like Biotin, you might want to stop during and after treatments. While they help to grow lustrous hair on your head, they’re definitely stimulating hair growth all over too.

How do I stop my hair from growing after laser? Prep your skin after every procedure by applying a moisturizing lotion, unless contraindicated. Regular applications can help slow hair growth and keep your skin smooth and supple.

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Will Biotin Affect My Laser Hair Removal

If you take a supplement such as Biotin, you may want to stop once your laser hair removal treatments begin. Zinc and a reputable Omega-3 oil provide a good alternative that can be continued long after your treatments have ended.

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