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A Quiz To Decide What Vitamins To Take

You probably want to find out what micronutrients does your body need. To answer such questions, our quiz examines your performance and symptoms to come up with an accurate result. Unlike similar quizzes like the Metabolic Type Test, identifying what vitamins to take is complicated.
And that is because it has many aspects. You may have several deficiencies at once or have false symptoms caused by other conditions. Here is everything the test does for you, though:

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Exposing Your Vitamin Deficiencies

The goal here is to answer questions like, “What vitamins should I take?” By investigating your responses, we identify which of the 13 essential micronutrients your body lacks.
Suggesting Ways to Deal with Vitamin Shortages

By taking the test, you receive expert pieces of advice on how to improve your diet and what supplements to take. Offering a List of Foods to Get the Vitamins You Need

Nutritionists and doctors say the best way of providing your body with vitamins is by having a healthy diet. Explaining Why You Should Take a Particular Vitamin

Consuming supplements can become pretty confusing when you do not know the reason behind it.
But few of them explain why specific products or micronutrition are good for you.

Vitamin Quizzes

A lot of different nutrients are needed by your body based on its weight, biological sex, age, etc. Micronutrients can be divided into five categories: water-soluble, fat-soluble, microminerals, trace minerals, and specialty compounds.

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Read each question carefully and answer as truthfully as possible. After finishing the Vitamin Test, you will receive a detailed, personalized interpretation of your score that includes diagrams and further information. This test is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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