Vitamin B6 Histamine

It’s quite a sensitive & complex subject, as such we will do our best at providing a clear and concise article to clear any doubts you may have.


Vitamin B6 substances like pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, and their phosphorylated metabolites are all equally effective.

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A double-blind study with 76 asthmatic children followed for five months indicated significant improvement in asthma following pyridoxine therapy (200 mg daily) and a reduction in dosage of bronchodilators and cortisone. Other reports have shown that nicotinamide, another B vitamin shows inhibitory activity in rat mast cell degranulation and histamine release (Bekier et al.

Nutrient Deficiencies With Histamine Intolerance

Unfortunately, even though you may feel better when you follow a restricted diet that’s low in histamine, it can have implications for your health further down the line. By restricting the particular foods you eat too heavily, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting the nutrients your body needs to cope with the underlying cause of your histamine intolerance. In addition to this, the nutrients you’re lacking could be the very nutrients your body needs to clear histamine or maintain the production of DAO.

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