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O the use of levetiracetam (LEV) in epilepsy are increasingly being recognized. Patients followed in our center have reported improvement of these side effects after starting pyridoxine (vitamin B(6)) supplements. Using mailed questionnaires, retrospective chart reviews, and phone call follow-ups, we analyzed 42 pediatric patients who had been treated with LEV and pyridoxine.
Twenty-two patients started pyridoxine after being on LEV, and significant behavioral improvement was observed in nine (41%), no effect in eight (36%), deterioration in four (18%), and an uncertain effect in one. The effects of pyridoxine supplementation were observed during the first week.

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Epilepsy & Behavior Reports

Racetam, a commonly prescribed antiseizure medication (ASM), may cause irritability, depression, and anger.
The mechanisms underlying these behavioral effects and individual risk factors remain unknown. Mitigation strategies are limited, including discontinuation, supplementation with vitamin B6, or switching to an alternative ASM. Although data in adult patients is limited, and no data is available for Veterans.
The objective of this project was to describe our preliminarily experience with vitamin B6 supplementation for alleviating levetiracetam-associated irritability in male Veterans with epilepsy. Methods Retrospective chart reviews were completed for patients who had an active prescription for levetiracetam from the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital from January 1, 2015 to June 1, 2020. Patients were excluded if not using vitamin B6 supplementation or if deceased at end of data collection.
Baseline characteristics were compared, including age, sex, comorbidities, and concomitant medications. These symptoms and scores were then compared pre- and post-B6 supplementation. Results Of 22 patients, data was available for 20 (91%).
For patients with data available, 9 (45%) showed improved irritability following supplementation with vitamin B6 and 11 (55%) showed no improvemen.

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Does Someone Know If The Likelihood Of Having Those 2 Side Effects Is Very High Or They Are Side Effects That Majority Of People Never Have Them?

It is also said that Vitamin B6 can reduce those side effects.

Can Vitamin B6 Be Taken Together At The Same Time With Lamictal And Keppra?

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I’m currently in the process of having to switch meds. When my internist told me this, I did some researching myself and came upon Lamictal as a good option. Although he said that lamictal was a good option and that if I preffered it, we could start that one.

Is This A Reasonable Starting Dose?

Does Keppra Actually Deplete The Body Of B6?

And If So, Is It Only B6, Or More Vitamines?

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