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In 2013, researchers in Nigeria carried out an experiment to reply the “does heat destroy Vitamin C” query. They blended Vitamin C-rich greens — together with peppers, inexperienced peas, spinach, pumpkin, and carrots — with water and heated the samples, monitoring the Vitamin C content material. The researchers discovered that it isn’t simply water and warmth, however time as nicely that performs a important function within the Vitamin C content material of those greens. Peppers started with 15.39 mg/25 ml Vitamin C in its uncooked type and noticed its content material drastically decline to 13.58 after cooking for five minutes, 9.96 after quarter-hour, and 5.43 after half-hour. The temperature was stored at a relentless, low temperature of 140°F. The researchers concluded the research with this suggestion: “For high retention of vitamin C while cooking it is recommended that the vegetables are cooked in low heat and small amounts of water for short periods to minimize the loss of vitamin C.”

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Select Meals That Do Not Require Cooking

Among the greatest sources of vitamin C require little to no preparation. Select contemporary vegatables and fruits that help you eat the meals in its uncooked type in order that no nutritional vitamins are misplaced by way of cooking. That’s why oranges are so efficient; they aren’t typically boiled.


Strive Cooking With out Water

Pan-frying, roasting, and searing don’t contain water. Though the meals should still lose some nutritional vitamins, it’s usually lower than you’d lose with a way that makes use of water. These strategies may also improve the flavour of your meals, relying upon which one you select. For instance, roasting greens have a tendency to provide them a sweeter style whereas softening their skins. Stir-frying retains extra of the crispness and imparts a taste that extra carefully resembles what you take pleasure in from consuming uncooked greens.


Take into account Utilizing Much less Water

For recipes that require the usage of water, you may strive utilizing a way that reduces the contact that the water has with the substances.

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As an example, blanching requires the meals to take a seat within the water for much less time, and this technique is good for softening substances equivalent to bell peppers. Steaming permits the heated water to steadily soften the produce with out eradicating the entire Vitamin C. Microwaving, whereas not seen as significantly subtle, may also assist to retain the Vitamin C content material in greens.

General, it’s most likely greatest to not depend on cooked greens to satisfy your Vitamin C consumption wants, as most kitchens will not be outfitted with the required gear to measure Vitamin C content material. Since time, water, and warmth all contribute to the destruction of Vitamin C, you can not rely upon the diet labels that solely point out the vitamin content material of the meals in its uncooked type. If you’re involved that you’re not getting sufficient Vitamin C from meals, take into account Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C dietary supplements. They’re proof against digestive juices that destroy Vitamin C earlier than it reaches the bloodstream. Simply don’t warmth them as warmth destroys not solely Vitamin C on this case, however liposomes as nicely.

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